FAQs Build Your Own Website

In this course you will learn how to register a domain name, how to set up hosting at flywheel, and how to install the Beaver builder theme, Beaver Builder Page Builder, Ultimate Add-Ons for Beaver Builder, and Gravity Forms. You will also learn how to use the Beaver Builder page builder, Ultimate Add-ons and Gravity Forms. In addition to learning how to use the software, you will learn some tips and tricks about designing and laying out your pages. After your pages are all built and your website is ready to go, you will learn how to go live. You will learn everything you need to know in order to build an amazing website yourself.

You do not need to be technical in order to take this course. I walk you step by step through the process. The great thing is you can watch the videos as many times as you would like to so that you understand the concepts and what you're supposed to do.

No, this course teaches you how to build a website using WordPress.

If you have your own hosting already set up, you can skip the lessons that teach you how to set up your website on flywheel, and you can set up WordPress on your own hosting. In order to do this, you will either need to install WordPress using the tools that your particular host has for you, or you will need to set up a staging site on your own. Contact your host to ask them how to get a new instance of WordPress set up and installed for this course or how to clone your current WordPress website so that you can use the Beaver Builder software. After you have WordPress set up on your hosting account, then you can start the lessons at lesson 6, “Decide on Pages to Include and Organize Them Into a Site Map.”

Absolutely! What you will need to do is set up a staging site or clone your website to another instance where you can work. Once you do that then begin the lessons at lesson 6, “Decide on Pages to Include and Organize Them Into a Site Map”.

This course is written for non-technical and technical people alike. We walk you through building a website from start to finish and include all of the steps along the way so that you can be successful as well.

Yes we have a money back guarantee within four days of signing up for this course. We will refund your money within 4 days, no questions asked.

Yes when building a website you will always have additional costs such as:

  • Domain name registration (appx. $12/year)
  • Hosting (appx $150/year), and software (see below).

In this case, to follow this course, you will need to purchase the following software:

  • Beaver Builder theme and page builder (appx $199/year)
  • Gravity Forms ($59/year)
  • and if you would like you can purchase Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder (appx $59/year), although the UABB software is not necessary.




This course is taught by Jennifer DeRosa, author of “Building DIY Websites for Dummies” (available as a companion book on Amazon). Jennifer has built thousands of websites for businesses and organizations throughout the United States since the late 1990s. She has also an avid presenter of webinars, and here are some of the reviews that her students have given her.

"I took your class and it was awesome!" - T.

"I enjoyed your presentation last night, ... a lot of info I hadn't been taught! I appreciated your energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge just to name a few. " - Roland

"Thank you, Jennifer! Excellent presentation! Great information for our ... participants. Your content was very informative. Your enthusiasm was infectious. Want you back soon!" -Fred

"It was incredibly informative and I will definitely be putting this to use; 90% of this information was new for me, so thank you!" – Heather

"You are a terrific host and teacher- thanks so much!" – Ed