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Meet Your Website Coach Jennifer DeRosa

With over 28 years building websites and guiding business owners online, I've seen it all and aim to provide you personalized support based on my breadth of experience. Read on to discover what you'll gain from my coaching approach.


Exclusive Author

Author of "Building DIY Websites for dummies"

Jennifer is the author of "Building DIY Websites for dummies", part of the "for dummies" series by Wiley Publishing.  The book will be available April 2024, and is a perfect companion to this course!

Three Decades Helping Brands Succeed Online

I was writing HTML before many of today's popular websites even existed! Since learning to code websites in 1994, I've assisted thousands of companies and entrepreneurs in establishing their digital presence.

From advising nonprofits and small businesses to coaching global agencies and web developers, I understand what truly works across industries and individual needs. Now I want to pay forward those decades of knowledge directly to you.


From Technical Expert to Relatable Teacher

While I comprehend complex website functionality, I specialize in conveying technical topics simply. My speech communications background means I can break down intricate concepts using everyday language. No jargon or assumptions about pre-existing skills.

My students often remark how empowered they feel grasping digital marketing strategies they previously thought too complicated or intimidating. I meet you where you are.

Next Level

You're in Reliable, Trustworthy Hands

In working with me, you receive the insider knowledge only 28 years focused on websites can build, paired with a teacher's heart. Expect personalized collaboration with your long-term vision always top of mind.


Now let me help your online presence flourish!


A Nerd or Not?

A Technophile Since the Early Days

My passion for understanding how technology works started early. I was that kid eagerly awaiting our family's first home computer in the 80s. Later, I sought extracurricular training even before widespread adoption of the internet.

Key History Highlights:

Took HTML classes in 1994, hand coding websites years before most businesses had any web presence

Earned Novell NetWare certifications in 1997-1998 as networking architecture rapidly expanded

Ran a 6-person corporate help desk in late 90s, providing frontline technical support

Founded first web development company in 1997, building specialized legal websites

Established website and IT consulting agency in 2001 to meet surging client demand

Became go-to WordPress resource, spearheading local meetups and national conferences

Scaled successful digital agency over 20 years before selling to refocus on coaching

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