Building DIY Website for Dummies Book - Companion


One of the best gifts you can give yourself as an entrepreneur, small business, or a go-getter is to purchase the book “Building DIY Websites for Dummies” as a companion to this course.

Next Level

Boost Your DIY Website-Building with Expert Tips

You're on the right track with my Building DIY Websites course - learning the essentials for creating your own site from the ground up. Now take your website to the next level with targeted advice from the new book "Building DIY Websites for Dummies."


Insider Tips

Complement Course Basics with Pro Strategies

While this course focuses on the foundation of actually building your site, the book provides insider tips to make your website work harder once it's up and running. Think of it as the perfect next step after you've completed the basic DIY website training.

Key Additional Topics Covered

Crafting an effective design for your audience

Developing powerful content that converts visitors

Optimizing findability with SEO best practices

Driving business goals through strategic website structure

For Non Designers

Guidance Tailored Specifically for DIY Beginners

The book is written expressly for non-designers creating their own sites with user-friendly builders - exactly what you'll learn in this course! So the advice translates seamlessly to elevating the website you build yourself.


Work Smarter Not Harder

Order the Guide to Take Websites from DIY to Wow!

Don't just settle for any website - let an expert help you use your own site to realize passion projects or business potentials. With principles and strategies focused on self-built sites, this book will walk you through ways to make your web presence work smarter after you've put in the effort to make it work at all.

Ramp Your Website Up with the Companion Book!

Preorder "Building DIY Websites for Dummies" now as the perfect accompaniment to implementing this course's exciting hands-on training!